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Maintenance Services

Lube , Oil and filter Change( Full Services-3750 mile service)

Oil and filter service
Check and Top Off All Fluids
Complete Chassus Lubrication
Check and Adjust Tire Pressure to Factory Specs
Fill Washer Tank

7,500 Mile Services
Include Lube, Oil and Filter Changes services

Check coolant condition and Top Off Fluid
Inspect and Adjust all Drive Belts and Hoses
Inspect Emission Control System
Inspect engine Air Filter
Inspect Wiper Arms and Blades for Operation
Inspect Drive Train for any Fluid Leaks
Clean and Tighten Battery Terminals and check Electrolyte Level
Brake Inspection
Rotates Tires
Inspect Exhaust and Heat Shields
Check all external Lamps for Proper Operation
Clean and Adjust Rear Brokes
Inspect Tie Rod Ends and Steering Gears Box and Driveshaft Boots

15,000 Mile services
Include 15,000 mile services

Inspect PCV Valve Operation
Inspect Cooling System Pressure Test and Cap.
Inspect Hoses, Drive Belts, and Core Plugs
Inspect Suspension Mounting Bolts
Check Shock Absorbers/Strunts for leckage and Proper Operation
Inspect Distributor Cap and Rotor
Replace Air Filter

30, 60, 90, Thousand Mile Service
Include 7,500 mile services

Replace Spark Plugs if require( Iridium and Platinum plugs extra)
Replace Air Filter
Adjust Engine valves
Inspect Ignition Wires
Inspect/Adjust Idle Speed
Inspect Broke Hydraulic System and Power
Assist unit for Leakage and proper Operation
Inspect All Body Mounting Bolts and Strut Mounts
Replace Brake Fluid
check Charging System

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